About Titanium Valley SEZ

OJSC “SEZ “Titanium Valley” is a managing company of 2 platforms in special economic zone of industrial-production type:

- first platform is located in Verkhnaya Salda district of the Sverdlovsk region (was established on December 16, 2010), nearby of Verkhnaya Salda city and next to the world leader in titanium production VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation;

- second platform is located in the territory Sysertskiy district of the Sverdlovsk region and "Yekaterinburg city" (was established on August 18, 2018), nearby of Yekaterinburg and Koltsovo airport and next to Ural works of civil aviation, wich is anchor resident.

The only shareholder of OJSC “SEZ” Titanium Valley” is subject of Russian Federation – Sverdlovsk Region.

Welcome speech of Governor

Dear friends!

I would like to invite you to evaluate investment potential and competitive advantages of Sverdlovsk region and define perspectives of business development in the special economic zone of industrial type "Titanium Valley".
Sverdlovsk region is a strong and dynamic Russian region, one of the leaders in industrial production volume, amount of foreign and local investments, quality and quantity of highly skilled employees and engineers.

Naturally that a special economic zone is developing in Sverdlovsk region. The zone has several specializations among which are: production of titanium parts, production of high-technology equipment for metallurgy, machinery, aerospace and aviation industries, as well as production of construction materials and medical equipment, wood processing.

SEZ "Titanium Valley" is a unique project in several criteria:

- industry focus of the zone – production of titanium products, which has no competitors in Russia;
- technologies and specialization - "Titanium Valley" is focused on high-tech processing and creation of competitive world class products;
- corporate profit tax and customs exemptions conditions - "Titanium Valley" has the most attractive conditions among all special economic zones of Russian Federation.

Currently, the first residents of SEZ are preparing to launch production. Construction of main objects of  industrial, transport and customs infrastructure is completed. In today's economic realities, "Titanium Valley" is a perspective point of growth, real and highly effective mechanism of successful and innovative development.

I am sure that current and future residents of the "Titanium Valley" SEZ will appreciate all benefits of the investment project and here, in the Middle Urals, new successstories  will be created.

With best regards,
Evgeny Kuyvashev
Governor of Sverdlovsk region

Welcome speech of ARTEMIY Kyzlasov

Dear friends!
The "Titanium Valley" special economic zone is an investment-industrial platform where world business leaders lay the foundation for reliable and effective businesses.

"Titanium Valley" is located in a region with a strong economy, well developed industry and infrastructure, creating unique opportunities for industrial cooperation with leading Russian and foreign companies.

We are forming "Titanium Valley" as a specialized platform, supporting and stimulating development of such prospective industries as manufacturing of titanium products, components and equipment for metallurgy and mechanical engineering, and production of construction materials. In the region, creation of a titanium cluster is in progress, and this, of course, will allow us to increase the industrial and scientific potential and will become the most important factor in the development of the titanium industry.
In this special economic zone, very attractive business conditions for investors have been created – tax and customs privileges and preferences, and a special tariff policy. Today on the "Titanium Valley" site, stage-by-stage construction of industrial and social infrastructure is ongoing which will provide for not only the current, but also the long-term requirements of residents.

This combination of a unique geographical position and economic benefits makes it possible to use the capabilities of "Titanium Valley" for business development, forming industrial technological chains with links located in different countries of the world.

With best regards,
Artemiy Kyzlasov
CEO of OJSC SEZ "Titanium Valley"

General characteristics of project «TITANIUM VALLEY»

Main objectives of creating SEZ «Titanium Valley»:

Corporate values

  • Security - safety from losses and risks

  • Flexibility - effective solutions in any external and internal circumstances

  • Commitment to goals - achieve current goals in order to set new ones

  • Optimism - implementation of the best possible version of future

  • Belief in yourself - you can do more

  • current residents

    Zibus LLC
    Organization of production of medical instruments and implants for neurosurgery, including titanium alloy products.

    Total development area – 1.6 ha

    Director General - Pavel Smagin
    CJSC "Micromet"
    The organization of manufacture of products from metal powder by the method of additive technologies.

    Total development area – 1.3 ha

    Director General - Victor R. Seliverstov
    Ural Boeing Manufacturing, JSC

    Manufacturing of forged titanium-alloy products for aviation. Planned production of items (in the stage of rough and semi-finished machining): glider-plane fuselage elements; wing elements, including components of wing mechanics; chassis parts; pole elements.

    Total development area – 9.56 ha

    Director General - Scott Rickett Aaron

    +7 (34345) 5 39 27

    624760, Russian Federation, Sverdlovsk region, Verkhnaya Salda, Promyshlennaya str., 8, building 2

    Manufacturer of disposable three-component medical syringes at Uktus site.

    Director - Tatyana Buravleva
    Land area - 1.6 ha
    Ural works of civil aviation JSC

    Ural works of civil aviation JSC is a project for the localization of L-410 small-seat aircraft, Diamond DA42-VI small-sized aircraft,
    Production of small-sized Helicopter components 407 as part of public and private orders at the Uktus site.
    General Director - Badekha Vadim Alexandrovich
    Land area  - 6.8 Ha
    LLC Sibeko seat systems
    LLC "Sibeko seat systems" - import-substituting production for commercial and municipal transport
    (passenger carriages, railway transportation, air transportation), special equipment on the Uktus site.
    Director  - Babsky Sergey Borisovich.
    Land  area - 2.09 ha.
    Localization of the assembly of modern European CNC machine tools at the Uktus site

    General Director - Tolkachev Valentin Ivanovich
    Land area - 2.7 ha.
    Tooling production Minicut, LLC
    Production of cutting tools Minicut.
    Re-sharpening of end mills for machining titanium, stainless and structural steels, composite materials.
    Total development area – 2.2 ha

    Director - Michael A. Zaitsev

    JSC “Infercom-Ural”
    Construction and exploitation of the ecometallurgical plant (production of ferromanganese).

    Total development area – 3,54 ha

    Director General - Dmitriy M. Andreev
    Urals Optical Factory LLC

    Organization of fiber-optical cables manufacturing, with subsequent production of import-substituting primary materials for optical fiber manufacture

    Total development area – 6,3 ha

    Director General - Nicholai A. Cherepanov

    Nord Basatl LLC
    Construction of the plant basalt composites capacity of 5000 tons per year and an engineering center for the development of basalt technologies.

    Land area - 2,25 ha

    Director - Andrey V. Panasko 
    LCC Huhtamaki fiber packaging
    Modern global production of biodegradable paper egg packaging for paper fiber at Salda site.
    The company operates in 38 countries.
    General Director - Galina Mansurova

    Land area - 6.3 hectares.
    STOD-Ural, LLC
    High-technology woodworking enterprise. Production of LVL-bars and OSP-slabs.

    Total development area – 69 ha

    Director General - Alexandr Mishin

    624761, Sverdlovsk region, Verkhnyaya Salda, Vostochnaya str., 19
    JSC “AS Prom”
    Organization of high-technology construction materials production with resource-saving technology (eco-technology).

    Total development area – 2.2 ha

    Director General - Andrey V. Patrakov