Water pipeline, Titanium Valley

31.01.14. The water supply system for Titanium Valley

Pressure tests of the external industrial/fire-suppressing water main for the “Titanium Valley” SEZ completed

The production/fire-suppressing water main is one of the necessary elements of external infrastructure to supply all facilities of the special economic zone with industrial water.

The total length of the external water pipeline route, which is to be laid from the VSMPO borders to the Titanium Valley boundaries, is 3275 meters (2 lines of 1637m each). PE 100 SDR 17 560х33.2 laid in pipe trenches has been used. The production/fire-suppressing water main is designed to provide water for consumption at 200 l/s for fire suppressing purposes, and at 45 l/s for internal production needs. The capacity of the industrial/fire-suppressing water pipeline for Titanium Valley allows it to be used for the fire-suppressing needs of the Verkhnaya Salda municipal area.

Alexander Akimov, director for organization of “Titanium valley SEZ”’s construction, commented: “The SEZ’s water supply is being completed using a step-by-step principle. Last year, we finished the construction of the off-site production/fire-suppressing water mainline, and now we are performing pressure tests. The next stage in construction is the renovation of the VSMPO pumping station, in the course of which the existing pumps will be replaced by more powerful ones, reconstruction of the chamber and hydraulic tests. Also, in 2014, the potable water main will be constructed.”