Two new residents joined «Titanium Valley»

Business - projects of two new residents were approved on the 20th of July 2012. The new residents are: OOO «Ural Optical Plant» and OOO «Stroydizel-Composite».
«Filling the 1st phase of the 1st stage of construction is nearly completed» - commented General Director of the OAO «SEZ «Titanium Valley» Artemiy Kyzlasov. - «From the 72 hectares only 10 are vacant at the moment».

More information about new residents:

1) OOO «Ural Optical Plant» (initiator - Engineering Holding Company «Smartform»), the investment project - «Organization of fiber-optic cable production on the OOO «Ural Optical Factory» (the total amount of investments - 474.9 million of rubles).

2) OOO "Stroydizel-Composite" (initiator - OAO «Stroydizel» - enterprise, specialized in the supply and service of road and construction equipment, car service equipment for road construction industry), the investment project -  «Organization of nanostructured composite fiberglass pipes production» (the total amount of investments – 1.766 billion of rubles).