Titanium Valley May Have a Japanese Resident

Delegation of the Titanium Valley managing Company continues its work in Japan. Several meetings in the city of Nagoya with companies interested in location of their production facilities in Russia are scheduled for today. Right now Artemiy Kyzlasov, General Director of Titanium Valley SEZ JSC has a meeting with the general director of a Japanese company manufacturing electrical products is taking place. The company recently made a decision to locate a factory in Russia, and its management is interested in terms offered by Titanium Valley SEZ to its residents.

The Japanese party first of all is attracted by energy rates and production infrastructure offered by Titanium Valley SEZ, as well as by logistics and possibilities of fast delivery of cargo to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Togliatti. During presentation Artemiy Kyzlasov made emphasis on benefits and preferences for the residents and on the advantageous geographical position of the region between three macro markets, such as Europe, Middle Asia and Siberia with Far East.