Titanium Valley Gets Two New Residents

On 24 April,Moscowhosted the Expert Meeting administered by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. The event considered the business plans ofTitaniumValley’s potential residents: OOO Mashiny Urala and OOO Praxair Titanovaya Dolina.
At the moment there are three residents registered in this special economic zone: OOO Sinersis, OOO Uralskiy Opticheskiy Zavod and OOO Stroydizel-Kompozit.  
All in all the project has attracted over 50 foreign and Russian companies. A half of them have agreements on joining the project upon the infrastructure facilities commissioned.

About the Companies:
Project of Stroydormash (Ekaterinburg) for organization of construction machinery manufacturing inTitaniumValley: bulldozers, loaders and autograders. It is planned that the special economic zone will accommodate metal works and welding facilities, parts-painting shop and assembling shops.
On the first stage the total of production and operational personnel will exceed 200 employees. The scheduled monthly output is 50 pcs. Later on the production volume and number of personnel will double.
Total investment: 564.6 mln. roubles
Construction Schedule:
•    Engineering preliminaries, engineering paper studies – Q2, Q3, Q4 2013
•    Construction of buildings and laying of communication lines – Q1 2014 to Q1 2015.

Praxair Rus incorporated with Praxair Group is going to build a hi-tech industrial/special-gas filling station.  The facility will annually produce 15 thsd. vessels of liquid oxygen, argon, pure gases and welding mixtures.  These products are greatly demanded by the automotive, chemical, medical, processing, military and other hi-tech industries.
Land plot area: 2,25 ha.
Total investment: 235.0 mln. roubles
Construction Schedule:
•    Engineering preliminaries, engineering paper studies: July 2013 – October 2013
•    Construction of buildings and laying of communication lines: October 2013 – September 2013