Titanium Valley develops cooperation with German machine-builders

Titanium Valley develops cooperation with German machine-builders
The union of innovative mechanical engineering of Saxony VEMASinnovativ and Titanium Valley SEZ have signed a Memorandum of Intentions involving active cooperation, including the search for technological partners.

Lars Georgi, project coordinator of the Union of Innovative Mechanical Engineering of Saxony, pointed out that “cooperation by the parties will create a platform for efficient technological cooperation”, and participation in the project of the Fraunhofer institute and of machine-building companies with their innovative developments will allow the transfer of required technologies to take place.

Many enterprises in the Urals region use industrial equipment manufactured in Germany, for which maintenance and transportation of spare parts involves additional financial costs. Arranging enterprises for manufacturing such equipment in the territory of the Titanium Valley SEZ will help solve this problem and considerably expand Russian-German economic cooperation.