The Titanium Valley project begins construction of the domestic/drinking water main

The project will meet the needs of residents and the prospective requirements of the town of Verkhnaya Salda.

The external drinking water line will be laid from the filtering station in Verkhnaya Salda to the Titanium Valley SEZ site, with a length of about 2800 meters.
Construction will pursue 2 objectives – supplying stage I and II facilities of the special economic zone with potable water, and solving the problems of prospective connection of Verkhnaya Salda users. Water supply network capacity has been defined in accordance with municipal requirements. Planned daily average water consumption: by Titanium Valley special economic zone of industrial/production type, stages I and II – 1725 m3/day, and consumers of drinking water supply in Verkhnaya Salda – 16,000 m3/day.
Construction of the water main will raise water supply reliability, put out of operation worn-out sections of the water network, and in the long term, provide water supply to the new south-west districts of Verkhnaya Salda.
Project cost will amount to RUR 66.2 Mio. The period of construction: May 2014 –provision of detailed design; November 2014 – completion of construction works.
Let us remember that in 2013, construction of the most important SEZ external infrastructure facilities was finished – the production/fire-suppressing water pipeline and external gas line.