The outputs of project for joining Silicon and Titanium Valleys will be presented on 14 September

Semiannual progress report on the work of James Morgan, American painter from California, and the representatives of Ekaterinburg Contemporary Arts Center and Managing Company of “Titanium Valley” will be presented on 14 September as part of the international joint project. Their common efforts culminated in artistic work. The artistic work will be presented on the site of the 2nd Ural International Biennial of Contemporary Art.

No wonder that James Morgan initiated the cooperation with “Titanium Valley” as San José is not only the capital of Silicon Valley but head-quarters of many IT companies such as Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems, BEA Systems, eBay, KLA Tencor.

The project started in winter 2012. James Morgan coordinated with research group consisting of 25–30 people among which were painters, sociologists, philologists, anthropologists, programmers, designers from Ekaterinburg and San José.  

– Today Silicon Valley accumulated the quarter of all venture investments. The whole if before Titanium Valley, said the representatives of the Center for Strategic Studies. Now, Titanium Valley is a dream, an area on which much intentions and words are given. The upcoming changes will be a great challenge.

The opening of exhibition in Ekaterinburg will be held simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition in San José.

The 2nd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art is a strategic international projectwhich is organized by the Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation. More than 200 painters from different countries will present their works on the territory of existing and non-operational production enterprises as well as on the area of educational, cultural and business institutes.