The construction equipment is working at the "Titanium Valley" site

Since November 2012 the excavation works were started in the special economic zone "Titanium Valley" for preparation of infrastructure of the so-called "platform of first residents". This is the first stage of phase I of the construction within the SEZ area of 72 hectares. In this area the sites are reserved for the four residents, the first of which will start construction works in the first quarter of 2013. The total area of the first phase of the construction equals to 295.4 hectares.

The following will be built as a result of commissioning of first phase of infrastructure: customs complex, fire department, roads (internal and external), parking, administration and business center. Within the first phase the territory will be fenced and provided with security checkpoint, improvements and landscaping will be executed. SEZ is fully provided with gas and water (potable and process); I phase – electricity, gas, internal networks and roads.

The result of the completion of phase I (2014–2015): 5 companies started, 12 enterprises are being built, 3500 jobs are created, 15 billion rubles as volume of products being sold. The total investment from all sources of financing for the construction of phase I equals to 16.2 billion rubles.
Now the SEZ territory is equipped with construction materials storage site, temporary substation, Rostelecom communication center, security is organized.

During the winter the temporary roads will be constructed, temporary power supply will be provided and the fencing, required for customs regime arrangement will be put. Most of the work will begin in the spring. By the end of 2013 it is planned to complete the infrastructure for the start of production activity of the first residents.