Supervisory Board

31.03.14. “Titanium Valley SEZ” Supervisory Board meeting

On 28 March 2014, the “Titanium Valley SEZ” Supervisory Board meeting was held. By invitation of V. Tretyakov, Director General of the “SEZ” OJSC, the meeting was held in Moscow.
The Supervisory Board considered and approved in its new revision the basic strategic documents ‑ the long-term development plan, the plan of outfitting and relevant material/technical supplies, and also the list of activities and infrastructure facilities for the “Titanium Valley” SEZ development. The documents have been updated taking into account additional federal financing of the project, the decision on which was adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation in December, 2013.
“It is important that these documents not only define the plan of activities for SEZ formation and establish the list of technical decisions which will be realized on the site, but also co-ordinate them with additional financing. This is a convenient and efficient tool for the operating company, and a graphic mechanism allowing the supervision bodies to assess the efficiency of company operations”, remarked the Director General of “Titanium Valley SEZ” OJSC Artemy Kyzlasov.
Beside that, the Supervisory Board considered the investment project of the potential resident which proposed to carry out on the “Titanium Valley” SEZ site manufacturing of metal powders, mainly from titanium alloys, and products thereof using the additive technologies method. The project was approved by members of the Supervisory Board for location in the “Titanium Valley” special economic zone. The next step is the Advisory Council on industrial and production special economic zones at the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, which should make a decision about granting the company SEZ resident status.
Let us remember that the Supervisory Board of the “Titanium Valley” SEZ was created in accordance with item 4, article 7 of the Federal Law dated 22.07.2005
№ 116-FZ “On special economic zones in the Russian Federation” for coordination of activities of the special economic zone management authorities. It includes representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Sverdlovsk region government, the SEZ OJSC, administrations of Verkhnaya Salda urban district, the “Titanium Valley” SEZ, the “Rostechnologii” state company, and the VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation OJSC. The Supervisory Board is headed by the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, E. Kuyvashev. The SEZ Supervisory Board controls the execution of the agreement for creation of the special economic zone, considers projects and business plans of potential residents, provides assistance in realization of projects of residents of the special economic zone and projects of other investors, considers and confirms long-term plans of development of the special economic zone, and controls the realization of these plans.