SEZ “Titanium Valley” has a partner in Lithuania

The delegation from Kaunas free economic zone came to Ekaterinburg to meet with CEO’s of JSC "Special economic zone “Titanium valley”. The proposal to arrange a meeting was offered after the CEO’s of two zones were aquatinted with each other during forum at INNAPROM-2012. One of key benefits of Ural special economic zone is engineers and technical personal. This will further the cooperation of Kaunas SEZ and “Titanium Valley” mainly in staff exchange and training programs.
The creation of special economic zones is a worldwide trend, as a whole, business environment is the same, however, each site has its specific features. For example, Kaunas SEZ leaves most of its services to outsourcing while the managing company of SEZ “Titanium Valley” prefers to perform key functions independently to ensure quality control to its investors.

To promote special zone, the Lithuanians constantly participate in all possible international events and this gives them an opportunity to create a large contact base of would-be investors and partners all over the world. During the meeting with the managing company of “Titanium Valley”, the Lithuanians offered to provide all companies that are interested in approaching the Russian market with information on the Ural SEZ project.

The Lithuanian partners proposed to create cluster-based chain consisting of both international and Russian SEZ’s, and “Titanium Valley” can be a pilot one.
The outcome of meeting was a possible conclusion of an agent contract in the near future, after this, Kaunas free economic zone will be a partner of SEZ “Titanium Valley” on the Baltic Region market.

Kaunas SEZ has a total are of 534 h on the territory on Kaunas which is the secondlargest city in Lithuania. Lithuania has free economic zone in Klaipeda and Kaunas. TheBelgian Association AOI NV is the establisher of Kaunas SEZ managing company.Kaunas SEZ is created on the land lot that is a state propriety and managing companyrented it for 99 years. An industrial zone, transport terminal to distribute and store thegoods, construction of hotels and bureaus will be created in Kaunas SEZ.