RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade highly appreciates progress in SEZ Titanium Valley construction

The process of implementation of creation of the special economic zone of industrial production type “TitaniumValley” in the Central Ural region has made a qualitative leap. This fact was announced by Vadim Tretyakov, Deputy Director of the Department for Special Economiс Zones and Regional Development Projects under the RF Ministry of Economic Development, at the session of the SEZ Supervisory Board held by Evgeniy Kuyvashev on February 12th.
According to Vadim Tretyakov, “We have made a big job. Thanks to the new team we experienced a qualitative leap in the development of the special economic zone project”.
At the session the Supervisory Board members have approved corrections to the SEZ territory layout project, the list of infrastructure facilities being prepared for construction, “TitaniumValley” long-term development plan for 2013–2017. Additionally, they approved the project performance indicators.

Besides, the Supervisory Board has approved submission of the business-plans proposed by 2 potential SEZ residents to the Expert council for Special Economic Zones of Industrial Production Type under the RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for consideration.
One of the plans is a project by the company “Stroydormash” (Ekaterinburg) aiming to arrange a construction machine-building plant that would manufacture bulldozers, loaders and autograders on the territory of “TitaniumValley”. Along with that, metalworking and welding production sites, as well as dyeing and assembling workshops are supposed to be established.

On the first stage a total number of production and maintenance personnel will amount to more than 200 employees with the planned output of 50 items per month. The capital investment throughout 3 years will be 280 million Rubles.
In future the output and number of personnel will be twice as high. Total investments to the project “Arrangements for manufacture of construction machines” amounts to about 400 million Rubles.

The company “Praxair Rus” which is a member to the Praxair Group has expressed its intention to build a technical gas distribution plant in “TitaniumValley”. The total cost of the project is about 485 million Rubles.

The plant will produce 15 thousand bottles of liquefied oxygen, argon, pure gases and welding mixtures every month. Such products are demanded for by automotive, chemical, medical, processing, military and other high-tech branches of economy.

It must be noted that as of today 4 residents of “TitaniumValley” have already been examined by the Expert Council under RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, of which 3 have been granted approvals for participation. According to the schedule the first companies to come to the construction sites will be “Sinersis” and “Stroydiselkompozit”. Another 10 residents are at different stages, preparing documents necessary to submit applications to the RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The next session of the Supervisory Board is scheduled for April.

The release was drawn by the Governor’s Department for Information Policy.