Results of the Russian-German negotiations on development of trade and industrial relations between the federal states and the Sverdlovsk region

The delegation of the Sverdlovsk region, headed by the Deputy Head of the Government of Sverdlovsk Region, Alexey Orlov, took part in meetings with the entrepreneurs of Hesse and the Rhine-Ruhr region – the two largest industrial regions in Germany.

The event is organized in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, as well as the VDMA (Association of German Machine Builders), ZVEI (Association of German manufacturers of electrical and electronics products), the company GTAI, Hessenmetal and Ostausschuss,  DIHK (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Commercial Agency of Russia in Germany and other partners.

The objective of negotiations – development of cooperation between Russia and Germany, German companies and the Sverdlovsk region. Deputy Head of the Regional Government, Alexey Orlov, spoke in detail about the investment potential of the region and a major investment project, able to attract entrepreneurs from Germany, – construction of a special economic zone "Titanium Valley".

– Germany is the strategically important partner for us. This is one of the main countries producing equipment for metallurgy and engineering, – said the General Director of the Titanium Valley SEZ, Artemiy Kyzlasov. – We have made a preliminary agreement on the entry of certain enterprises in the SEZ.

Large German companies are already represented in the Ural region. The companies KBV Gesellschaft, SMS Meer and "Enviro Chemie" shared their experience of working in Sverdlovsk region. After the appearance of special economic zone "Titanium Valley" the advantageous time has come for the arrival to the region of small and medium German enterprises. Conditions, which are offered to investors by the management company of SEZ, allow reducing investment costs for the construction of its own production to 30%. This is very important for small enterprises.

– We have presented the economic potential of the Sverdlovsk region, and a project to create a special economic zone "Titanium Valley", – as Alexey Orlov commented on the trip. – The meetings were held with representatives of large businesses and small companies. The interest of German business in Sverdlovsk region is high. Soon we will come to the conclusion of agreements with the potential residents of the special economic zone.

The main issue of concern to German investors – what are the mechanisms of protection of investments, that can be provided by the Russian side (both federal and regional authorities, as well as the management company of SEZ).
With great enthusiasm the German entrepreneurs welcome the development of relations between the State of Hesse and the Rhine-Ruhr region and the Sverdlovsk region. It is not just about trade and industrial activity, but about the educational programs, student exchanges, scientific conferences and cultural events.

Several German companies have shown a willingness to place their production at the site of the Titanium Valley SEZ.