On one of the Hannover Industrial Fair Discussion Sessions Alexey Orlov Offered Foreign Companies to Transfer Technologies and Establish JVs

In 2013 Russia has become the partner country to the International Industrial Fair “Hannover Messe-2013”. Many events of the fair are devoted to the relationship between Russia and Germany. Within the frameworks of Russian exposition there was held a discussion session conducted by the Titanium Valley SEZ in collaboration with the delegates from the Sverdlovsk Region Government and German partners. The topic of the session was as follows: “Territories of growth as a factor of national development and global cooperation: trends, partnership, markets”.
Alexey Orlov, Deputy Chairman of Sverdlovsk Region Government was the first to deliver his report. It was devoted to the Sverdlovsk Region being one of the most fast developing regions of the Russian Federation. Such factors as its being an important transport node and a center for many R&D and higher educational institutions providing the region with qualified and skillful manpower, as well as its having a strong metallurgical background were asserted to be the key factors for its development.

- According to Alexey Orlov “SEZTitaniumValleybelongs to top priorities of the region’s development. The project is widely supported by federal and regional governments for we understand that its implementation will stimulate intensive development of industries, infrastructure, manpower potential and promote scientific researches and introduction of their results. All the preferences and conditions yielded bySEZTitaniumValleyto its residents along with favorable geographical position of theSverdlovskregion give the European business a unique opportunity to settle themselves and put down roots in the Russian market thanks to the transfer of technologies and establishment of joint ventures in particular. A pivotal matter here is to find sale markets inRussiaand its neighbor countries.

Artemiy Kyzlasov, General Director of OJSC “SEZTitaniumValley”, was also among the speakers. In his speech he emphasized that theSEZTitaniumValleyresidents are sure to receive best service from the SEZ management company. Regional authorities who are highly interested in the implementation of the project will serve as a security shield for foreign investments.

- Starting with the moment when the company showing interest in SEZ files its application for participation the SEZ Titanium Valley team accomplishes the biggest part of the work connected with papers and documents, including the issuance of specifications, – highlighted Artemiy Kyzlasov. – The project implementation timeline is shorter as several processes run simultaneously: preparation, land use planning and designing. No later than 120 days after that the resident receives a construction permit. Generally it takes up to 18 months.
In addition, reports delivered by such prominent figures as Eveline Lemke, Minister of Economic Affairs, Environment Protection, Energy and Regional Planning of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia,Germany, and Oleg Grinko, General Director of SberInvest Managing Company also became a part of the session. Walter Schtrutz, Mainz City-Manager, and Rasmus Beck, Chief of the Agency of the Hannover Region Economical Development shared their experiences with development of territories. Günter Jertz, Director of the Rhine-Hessen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as Dmitrij Vaisband, Director of the German-Russian Business Association stated the requirements to the business environment and the territories themselves.
It should be noted that the Sverdlovsk Region have always had strong ties with Germany.

German engineers and scientists were the ones to help to utilize and develop the Urals back in the 18th century. The synergy of German experience and talents exposed by Russian masters enabled the Urals region to become the world leader in metal manufacturing at those times. Our common past lays a robust foundation for future cooperation betweenGermany and the Urals Region, and, of course,Russia in general.

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Germanyis holding a major event of the fairs season. Today, on April 8th, the International Industrial Fair “Hannover Messe-2013” has been started. This timeRussia is a partner-country of the Hannover Messe and introduces a large-scale record-setting exposition. All in all it occupies 5 thousand square meters. Here the visitors and participants have a chance to familiarize themselves with 20 regions ofRussia and more than 160 companies operating in such fields as fuel-and-power, transport machine building, electronics, biomedicine, etc. The SEZ Titanium Valley is the only Russia’s SEZ that is represented at the Hannover Messe-2013.