In the SEZ "Titanium Valley" has begun construction of the complex customs and boiler

In the SEZ "Titanium Valley" has begun construction of the complex customs and boiler
In March, on the territory of special economic zone "Titanium Valley" near the southern entrance it has begun construction of two capital construction projects - complex customs and block automated water-heating boiler.

Construction of the complex customs at this stage includes a list of basic objects: Checkpoint, boxing and a covered area for inspection of vehicles. Currently contractor Ltd. "Construction Company GRAND STORY", which won the competition in November 2015, proceeded to fill the bases. To complete the construction value of 113,440,000 rubles is planned for August 2016.

Erection of modular boiler is conducted on a neighboring property. The works started JSC "EZOT" signal "to which the management company SEZ" Titanium Valley "has signed a contract agreement in March 2016. The project completion date was set atto July 2016 and cost was evaluated at 12.57 million rubles.

ArtemyKyzlasov, CEO of the SEZ "Titanium Valley":

" Titanium Valley "development project has entered a phase in which the permanent customs complex has become imperative. In 2016, several residents started construction, import of the equipment, and after - the release of the finished product. In this connection, the number of operations for the declaration of goods for a free customs zone procedure will increase dramatically. With such a volume of tasks temporary point simply cannot cope in terms of administration and in terms of technical capabilities. Construction of the boiler house, we started in parallel: it will be the customs and treatment facilities. "