Evgeniy Kuyvashev: Development of internal cooperation is one of the key points of economic growth

"I recently met with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and among other things we discussed realization of this project with him. The appropriate instructions will come in the nearest time. But we are not waiting for them, and together with the head of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development worked out a model of the project realization" – said Evgeniy Kuyvashev.
It is planned that construction will take place according to public private partnership. Payback costs can be implemented, including through credit; stranded region intends to endeavor to ensure that by attracting funds from the federal treasury.

Today the SEZ has four anchor residents, including aircraft manufacturers, as the head of Middle Ural pointed out. At a time when manufacturers of air and space technology abandon aluminum in favor of titanium, and growing competition from foreign producers of this metal, the development of production at the territory of Titanium Valley is particularly relevant.

In addition, prior to the opening of the conference the topic of "Titanium Valley" was raised at a meeting of Evgeniy Kuyvashev and Valeriy Fadeev. Chief editor of "Expert" thanked the head of region for the interest in the forum, and assured that the publishing house, which was actively involved in developing the concept of the Ural SEZ, will continue to assist in the development of this project, including in the international branding “Titanium Valley”.

The realization of "Titanium Valley" project and the overall development of the Nizhny Tagil agglomeration is also an essential point of the growth of the Middle Ural. The head of the region is assured that the impetus will be given to the regional economy also by ambitious projects in Ekaterinburg – such as image events like games of the soccer World Cup, the exhibition "Innoprom" (which in 2013 will be a platform for the forum Russia-Kazakhstan), the World Exhibition "Expo", they will attract serious investments to the Sverdlovsk Region.

"Through these projects, we plan to achieve the goals set before us by the leadership of the country and to improve the lives of our residents," – said Eugeniy Kuyvashev.

According to the materials of the Department of Information Policy of the governor