DuPont visited the SEZ "Titanium Valley"

DuPont visited the SEZ "Titanium Valley"
The delegation of DuPont Company, headed by director for Eastern Europe, Jiri Lang, visited the SEZ "Titanium Valley" April 5, 2016. The meeting was also attended by DuPont Office in Ekaterinburg represented by Olga Buldakova, regional representative of the "DuPont Safety Solutions" (a division of "DuPont Science and Technologies"), Sergei Zigangirov, First Deputy General Director of the SEZ "Titanium Valley", Andrei Antipov and the director of work with residents SEZ "Titanium valley" Galina Demeneva.

During a press lunch after the inspection of the area of the SEZ "Titanium Valley", Mr. Lang, like many other global companies, planned modify his investment program. DuPont has met with Russia's industrial parks and special economic zones, as they are the priority areas for the localization of advanced facilities.

"We are more interested in special economic zones, as there are tax incentives and customs preferences. Before visit the "Titanium Valley", I have already met with the special economic zones in the Republic of Tatarstan, Lipetsk and Voronezh " said Jiri Lang.
During the talks with representatives of DuPont first deputy general director of "Titanium Valley" Andrei Antipov noted that SEZ Sverdlovsk is currently the most attractive tax environment among all the special economic zones in Russia. The sides discussed about the procedure for financing the resident of his project, the creation of conditions of production in cooperation with Russian partners. Were announced the main areas of future cooperation: road construction, construction of housing and commercial real estate, food additives and manufacture of personal protective equipment. Currently, a supplier DuPont protective articles, including and VSMPO-AVISMA.

Dupont company's plans is to increase the sales in the Urals by 30%, said Olga Buldakova. Following the results of 2015 the profit of the entire Russian division DuPont exceeded US $ 240 million.

Currently, "Titanium Valley" is in talks with several potential residents localization joint ventures.

"The need for the creation of joint ventures between Russian and foreign companies is dictated by the new economic conditions and primarily import substitution. In 2016, we plan to bring in "Titanium Valley" 5-6 new residents, most of which are joint ventures with foreign capital ", - said Galina Demeneva.

According to Andrei Antipov, in 2016 in "Titanium Valley" all conditions for the production of finished products for the residents will be created.

For reference:

DuPont - the world's largest science and Technology Company. Founded in 1802 in the United States. It conducts research and technological development, annually supplying to markets of agriculture, food, transportation, electronics and communication services innovative products, materials and services.

DuPont has operations in more than 90 countries. In Russia the company operates since 1974, and today operates throughout the country. The staff of more than 400 people. Company representative offices in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Kazan. In 2013 the company opened an office in Yekaterinburg.

Key markets in Russia: Agriculture and Food Industry, civil and road construction, automotive, power generation, oil and gas, personal protective equipment, rail and road transport, industrial biotechnology, oil and gas industry.
Main products and services: seeds and plant protection products; functional ingredients for the food industry; materials for civil engineering and road construction; engineering polymers; individual protection means;
vysokoekspluatatsionnye insulating materials; Materials for electronics; consulting in the field of development of effective management systems and processes, including in the areas of energy efficiency, health and the environment, industrial safety.

In the Urals, DuPont specializes in the sale of food ingredients, diffusion membranes for protection of building structures, means of individual protection against chemical and thermal hazards, finishing stone for interior insulation material for transformers, engineering polymers and polymers for the production of modern packaging materials. For example, DuPont is working with the company "Uralplastik" and delivers its final materials for the manufacture of packaging and printing on it.