Decision on federal co-financing of the “Titanium Valley” project has positively influenced the rating of Sverdlovsk region

The “St Petersburg Politics” Public Relations Development Fund has published a list of events in 2013 which, according to expert opinion, became especially significant in the life of the regions.

Among the major events of December 2013 which have positively affected the development of the Sverdlovsk region, experts point out the decision on federal co-financing of the “Titanium Valley” project.
Let us remember that Russian Federation Government order of 17.12.2013 № 1178 “On making changes in the Russian Federation Government order of 16.12.2010 № 1032” for construction of “Titanium Valley SEZ” infrastructure facilities provides assignment of RUR 4.8 bn from the federal budget. Budgetary assignments shall be provided at formation of the federal budget for 2015, and for the planned period of 2016 and 2017.  Using the budget resources of the Sverdlovsk region and off-budget sources, during the period up to 2017, financing in the amount of at least RUR 4700 m shall be provided. Federal and regional financing of the project will be aimed at construction of engineering, transport, social, innovative and other Titanium Valley SEZ infrastructure.

Artemy Kyzlasov, Director General of “Titanium Valley SEZ” OJSC, has noted that the Governmental order of the Russian Federation on federal support of the project in 2015-17 makes it possible to aspire to federal co-financing from the budget of “Special Economic Zones” OJSC already in 2014 (on account of future financing of the project from federal sources). This will essentially allow acceleration of the construction and putting into operation of infrastructural facilities required for provision of optimal conditions for residents’ activities.  

Let us remember that in 2011-2013, the priority tasks of the project were organization of mobilization works and commencement of infrastructure development. During this period, design of stage 1 for the special economic zone area development has been prepared, and construction of external infrastructure practically completed. In 2014, construction of drinking water mains, reconstruction of existing water intake facilities, construction of an electric power supply system, and of temporary customs is planned.  Furthermore, financing of this project will allow construction of wastewater treatment facilities, wastewater disposal and sewerage systems to begin, as well as some other items required for normal area functioning and economic activities of SEZ residents.
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