“Nordbazlat” has become the 11th resident of the Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley”.

  “Nordbazlat” has become the 11th resident of the Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley”.

November 29th CEO OJSC “Titanium valley” Artemiy Kyzlasov, CEO LLC “Nordbazalt” Andrey Panasko and the Minister of investment and development of the Sverdlovsk region Dmitriy Niskovskikh signed the three-party agreement. LLC “Nordbazlat” has become the 11th resident of the Special Economic Zone in the Sverdlovsk region.

As it had been mentioned beforehand, the company intends to produce 5000 tons of basaltic composite annually and plans to create an engineering center aimed at the basalt technologies R&D.  The investment amount is 2,06 bln .rub.

The managing company of the Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley” will provide the new resident with a 2,25 ha land plot. The construction of a new factory is planned for March 2017 and the start of production – a year later. In December 2018 the factory will reach its rated cantilevering. 239 new job places will be created with regards to the new factory opening.

In December 2016 the project had been approved by the Expert Board of the SEZ “Titanium valley”. Finnish company Basalt Products BPO OU, specializing in the construction of the floating refueling complexes, is the main consumer and the co-invested of the project.

Though the market is highly competitive nowadays the company plans to acquire 50% of the Russian market. The potential clients are “Volchanskiy mechanical factory”, “Rusgidro”, company “Gallen” and others. 

 “Nordbasalt” is the third company to acquire the  resident’s status of the SEZ “Titanium valley” in 2016. This fact highlights the effectiveness of the managing company, as it completes all the KPIs. The investment amount exceeded the planned rate for 65% and reached 1,549 bln.rub. The rate of the new job places creation is 109%.

Artemiy Kyzlasov, CEO SEZ “Titanium valley”:

“In 2016 we’ve passed through three very crucial stages. We’ve finished construction of all the infrastructure objects. This year the project will come into the active investment stage. The other important step was when Boeing has become the resident of our SEZ. We intend to have one more resident of the same rate in the coming year, but that won’t be from the aviation sphere. After that we will be able to say out loud that we are a successful investment platform”

 For the reference:

Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley” is one of the 9 special economic zones in Russia situated near Yekaterinburg. Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley” has the most comfortable taxation rate as compared to all the other SEZs in Russia. The priority industries for the development are: metallurgy, manufacturing of the products made of titanium, oil-and-gas equipment manufacturing, aerospace industry and building materials production.

The date of foundation – December 2010. The shareholders are the Government of the Sverdlovsk region and OJSC “Russian Special Economic Zones”.

The total amount of investment is 9500,74 mln.rub. (federal budget 4 799,6 mln.rub. vs regional budget 4 701,14 mln.rub.). 2 832 mln. Rub. Is invested up to 2017 . (federal budget 1000 mln.rub. vs regional budget 1 822 mln.rub.).

Currently the 11 residents of the Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley” are CJSC “Micromet”, LLC “VSMPO New Technologies”, LLC  “Infercom Ural”, LLC “Praxair Titnium valley”, LLC “Ural optical Factory”, LLC  “Sinersis”, “AS-Prom”, LLC “Strojdizelcomposite”, LLC  “Zibus”, LLC  “Instrumental production”, LLC “Nordbazalt”.