"Salda" platfom  - 180 km from Ekaterinburg

"Salda" is greenfield type industrial platform of SEZ "Titanium valley" with prepeared in-site and off-site infrastruscture facilities.

On 1th Juny 2018 successfully completed building of 26 infrastruscture facilities from  Approved list of SEZ "Titanium valley ".

2 facilities and 1 technological connection prepearing on commissioning. 

Free customs zone regime operates within area of "Salda" platform since 20 November 2017. 

for more details on construction
A resident of the special economic
zone will receive a plot of land
with pre-prepared engineering
infrastructure. Connection
to the service networks is free of charge.
Description Capacities/
stage of
construction works

For gas supply to the central boiler-house, gas pipeline DN500, length 8.5 km, has been built.
On the SEZ territory, construction of a high-pressure gas line for industrial needs of resident enterprises is planned.

20 000 m3/h. Construction of the high-pressure gas line has been completed.

to provide water for domestic/shower/drinking needs

covering companies’ production/industrial needs, including external and internal fire-suppressing activities;

SEZ enterprises require split domestic and industrial sewerage systems with arrangement of local industrial wastewater treatment facilities, which will be located directly on the sites of the enterprises.
Treated secondary water from local industrial treatment facilities is to be used in recirculation cycles, with wastewater surpluses discharged to the stormwater drainage system.
Domestic wastewater from SEZ sites will be discharged taking into account the relief of the local system by gravity flow and pressure pipelines. Domestic and stormwater from the IPT SEZ wastewater treatment facilities will be discharged into the Melnichnaya river located to the southwest side of the SEZ site.

720 m3/day

1050 m3/day

1770 m3/day

Design works completed. Construction works started.

Construction works completed, pressure tests performed.

Design works at the completion stage


For the heating supply of the first resident enterprises, the central boiler-house, capacity 7.5 MW, will be provided. At stage II, the capacity will be increased by 10 MW, with production of electric power. At stage III, the capacity of the CHP-plant will be increased by another 10 MW.
For the heating supply of the IPT SEZ site, heating networks, about 5 km long, from the CHP-plant boiler-house will be constructed. Near each site intended for location of SEZ resident enterprises, there will be a chamber for connecting resident enterprises to the heating supply.

27.5 MW Design stage
ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY For SEZ needs, at stage 1, a 110/10 kV transformer substation, 10 MW capacity, is to be built. Later, construction of 3 more 110/10 kV substations, with capacities over 100 MW, is planned.
Also, on the SEZ site, construction of 4 power-distribution substations will be organized, which will be fed from 10/0.4 kV transformer substations to be located on residents’ sites.
3180КW/year Temporary electric power supply provided
Preparation works for construction of 110/10 kV transformer substation “Titanium” are being carried out
For all kinds of high-quality communications on the SEZ site, internal distribution fibre-optical networks in underground cable trays are to be provided. Communications tower has been installed, communication with the site has been provided
The internal structure of designed SEZ roads is a network of SEZ area roads, and roads on sites within resident enterprise plots. The network of internal roads has exits to external transport routes. IPT SEZ site roads are to be compulsorily sub-divided by roads for heavy trucks and for light cars.
Design specifies main (arterial) roads with relevant profiles, taking into account traffic loads, and also arrangement of required engineering services.
24 km of roads

Temporary roads to residents’ sites have been built

Construction of temporary roads with concrete-slab coatings is being carried out

Completion of design works for construction of permanent roads

Inside the IPT SEZ site, an industrial railway station, sorting tracks and freight yard for receiving 20-40 foot European containers is to be provided.
The design provides the possibility for railway entrances to industrial sites, which will directly adjoin the industrial railway station, and, if necessary, the second row industrial sites.

Map of platform "SALDA"

Map of platform "Uktus"

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