During an official visit to the Sverdlovsk Region, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak held a meeting devoted to the development of special economic zones in Russian Federation. Current development stage of the SEZ "Titanium Valley" was a separate topic of agenda, and the governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeniy Kujvashev reported on its status.

Welcoming participants of the meeting, Dmitry Kozak called "Titanium Valley" "one of the most notable special economic zones in Russia".

"4 companies have become residents of the SEZ “Titanium valley” since the SEZ was put under the management of regional authorities. One of them is Boeing - a modern and high-tech company, it’s development gives new competencies and new face of the economy to an important region", - the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexander Tsibulskiy announced results of functioning of Russian special economic zones after the reformation of handing management powers from federation to the regions. According to him, the SEZ Institute will be fully paid off within 4-5 years.

"As for the SEZ "Titanium Valley", I would like to highlight two important points. Firstly, according to the results of our assessment, held under the new rules, the site in the Sverdlovsk region is recognized as an effective one. Secondly, such large international investors as Boeing thoroughly study the market, conditions and services, as well as professionalism and competence of management companies and regional authorities before launching their projects. And, if Boeing came to Sverdlovsk Region, to the Titanium Valley SEZ, this best describes efficiency and professionalism of regional authorities and the site itself,” - claimed Alexander Tsibulskiy.

Acting governor Evgeniy Kujvashev reported on completion of the main facilities construction inside and outside the Titanium Valley infrastructure. Treatment facilities, customs complex, highways, car parks, electricity lighting and communications networks will be ready by the end of the year.
He also announced the main results of residents’ work on the site as of August: volume of investments made by residents - 3.5 billion rubles; created workplaces – 111; volume of tax and customs fees - 3.3 million rubles

 "Economic efficiency of the Titanium Valley, calculated as ratio of resident investments to expenditures from the budget for infrastructure construction, is 1.2 rubles of private investment per 1 ruble of budgetary funds. After 5 years, this figure will reach 2.5 rubles, which indicates the effectiveness of the project ", - Evgeniy Kujvashev summed up.

On August 14, industrial complex of future production of Ural Boeing Manufacturing was put into operation. The resident has already ordered unique high-tech machines from Japan and the USA. Release of first products is scheduled for early 2018.
The first production plant – resident "Zibus" – will be launched in the SEZ "Titanium Valley" until the end of 2017. Today, share of imports of medical tools for neurosurgery to Russia is more than 90%. By 2020, the company intends to gain one fifth part of the market.
Other 2 residents will begin construction this year, these are - "Tool production" (specializing in production of the Minicut tools) and "Micromet".

At the end of the meeting, a solemn ceremony of presenting resident certificate to company "STOD-Ural" was held (100% owned by "STOD", the largest manufacturer of OSB plates and glulam in Russia). In presence of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak and CEO SEZ “Titanium valley” Artemiy Kyzlasov, Deputy Minister Alexander Tsibulskiy handed the document to CEO STOD Alexander Ebralidze. The company "STOD-Ural" - the thirteenth resident of the "Titanium Valley" - will invest 10.6 billion rubles in production of OSB-boards, became.
According to Evgeniy Kujvashev, it is important that this project will partially solve an acute problem of utilization of low-grade and thin-wood waste in Sverdlovsk region. About 500 new workplaces will be created at the production plant; another 800 workplaces will be created in related industries in Verkhnyaya Salda and the nearest settlements. This will partially relieve tension associated with the mono-profile character of mentioned cities.

For reference:
STOD Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of OSB plates and LVL glulam in Russia and the largest timber producer in Tver Region. The total area of forests lease of LLC "STOD" is 540 803 hectares, annual allowed volume of timber withdrawal is 972 thousand cubic meters. In addition to its own forest logging, the company purchases round wood from loggers in Tver region and neighboring regions.
STOD Ltd. has three production facilities in Tver Region (Torzhok): Taleon Terra Plant (LVL glulam production is 140,000 cubic meters per year), Taleon Arbor Plant (OSB plate production capacity of 500,000 cubic meters per year ) and pellet production line (60 thousand tons per year). The volume of investments in existing production amounted to 26 billion rubles.