The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley” will discuss the mechanisms to boost up the investment in aviation industry.
The conference “Challenge accepted: specific conditions for development of aviation companies in Russia” hosted by the Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley” and Boeing Russia will take place on June 19th during the International aviation salon MAKS – 2017.
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- the construction of a special economic zone (SEZ) of industrial / production type in Sverdlovsk region is one of 8 territories in Russia where special conditions for the development of industrial production have been created

- the limited territory with special legal status in relation to the rest of the territory, and preferential economic conditions for national or international enterpreneurs

Within the first 10 years
from the moment of receiving the profit
subject to tax, profit tax shall be equal to 2%
import of foreign goods, equipment,
accessories, raw materials to the
territory of the free customs zone
without payment of import customs duties and VAT
Free connection
to SEZ infrastructure networks
Specialized SEZ: priority sectors
- titanium products production, manufacturing of components and equipment
for metallurgy, mechanical engineering, production of construction materials.
possibility of receiving the building
construction permit within 3 months
provision of residents with an engineering,
transport, business and social
selection and training
of personnel for each investor
60 % of Russia’s mineral/raw-materials
resources and 40% of its metallurgical products
are located within a radius of 400 km
of ‘Titanium Valley’ SEZ


  • 16 June 2017
    The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley” will discuss the mechanisms to boost up the investment in aviation industry.
    The conference “Challenge accepted: specific conditions for development of aviation companies in Russia” hosted by the Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley” and Boeing Russia will take place on June 19th during the International aviation salon MAKS – 2017.

  • 25 May 2017
    The suppliers of the Russian Helicopters Holding might become residents of the Titanium Valley SE
    During the 10th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition Helli - Russia 2017 in Moscow  Andrey Boginsky, Chief Executive Officer of  the Russian Helicopters, JSC, and Artemiy Kyzlasov, CEO of the Titanium Valley SEZ, signed a memorandum of agreement. This agreement marks the beginning of cooperation of the helicopter holding and the Special Economic Zone.

    The companies agreed upon the partnership scheme of Russian Helicopters Holding partners localization onsite the Aviation Cluster, which is being formed in Sverdlovsk region on the basis of a future second stage of Titanium Valley (Yekaterinburg). For example, within the framework of this agreement the managing company of the SEZ will focus on negotiations with manufacturers of helicopter components made of composite materials.

    Andrey Boginsky, CEO of Russian Helicopters, JSC:
    "The cooperation of the Russian Helicopters with the Titanium Valley is carried out within the framework of the integrated structure of the Russian helicopter industry development strategy up to year 2025. We hope that the Titanium Valley will be a partner, who is interested in our competence portfolio development. This collaboration is logical as the aviation industry is one of the specializations of the Titanium Valley. The concept of the Aviation Cluster development based on the second stage of SEZ entails creation of the production chain from the manufacture of components to assembly and service."

    Artemiy Kyzlasov, CEO of the Titanium Valley SEZ:
    "The agreement with the Russian Helicopters opens up a possibility for a direct dialogue with suppliers, who are interested in expanding at the Russian market. Whereas the possibility for collaboration and partnership with Russian Helicopters  and other SEZ’s residents can become a key winning argument for them to open a new production site in Russian Federation"

    For reference:
    Russian Helicopters, JSC (forms a part of the Rostec State Corporation) is a holding company formed in 2007, but the key enterprises have more than 70 years of history. It is one of the global leaders of  helicopter industry, the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia and one of the few companies in the world with capacity to design, manufacture, test and maintain modern civil and military helicopters.
    90% of the Russian helicopter market accounts for the holding. The company is the world’s number one manufacturer in the segments of medium-heavy and superheavy helicopters, and attack helicopters segment.
    In 2016, the holding's revenues amounted to 214.3 billion rubles, EBITDA indicator was 40.9 billion rubles, the profit amounted to 16.2 billion rubles. In 2016, the Russian Helicopters Holding put on the market 189 helicopters.  On January 2017, Holding Order Book was 396 helicopters.

    Titanium Valley SEZ is one of the nine industrial production special economic zones in Russia. At the same time, Titanium Valley provides the most attractive terms of taxation among all the special economic zones in the country. Titanium items production and production of components and equipment for metal manufacture, oil-and-gas engineering, space and aviation industry, production of construction materials are the holding’s priority sectors.
    Date of establishment: December 2010. Co-founders of  Titanium Valley SEZ OJSC: Government of  Sverdlovsk region and Special Economic Zones, JSC.
    The amount of the planned budgetary financing of the project: 9500.74 million rubles (the federal budget is 4 799 600 000 rubles and the regional budget is 4 701 140 000 rubles). On January 2017, it was actually financed 2832 million rubles (federal budget is 1 million rubles and the regional budget is 1832 million rubles).
    At the moment, the Titanium Valley SEZ has 11 Residents:  Micromet CJSC, VSMPO - New Technologies LLC, Infercom-Ural JSC , Praxair Titanium Valley  (PRAXAIR) LLC, Urals Optical Factory LLC, Sinersys LLC, AS Prom JSC, Stroydizel-Composite LLC, Zibus LLC, Tool production LLC and Nord Basalt LLC.
  • 21 January 2017
      “Nordbazlat” has become the 11th resident of the Special Economic Zone “Titanium valley”.
    “Nordbasalt” is the third company to acquire the resident’s status of the SEZ “Titanium valley” in 2016.

  • 27 December 2016
    Boeing and the Russian corporation VSMPO-AVISMA will start the second co-production in Russia in 2018.
    Ural Boeing Manufacturing 2 will get the status of the Special Economic Zone “titanium valley’s” resident in the beginning of 2017. The project of a joint-venture had been approved by the Advisory board in May 2017 and by the Expert board of the SEZ “Titanium valley” in December 2017. 
  • 12 April 2016
    DuPont visited the SEZ "Titanium Valley"
    The delegation of DuPont Company, headed by director for Eastern Europe, Jiri Lang, visited the SEZ "Titanium Valley" April 5, 2016. The meeting was also attended by DuPont Office in Ekaterinburg represented by Olga Buldakova, regional representative of the "DuPont Safety Solutions" (a division of "DuPont Science and Technologies"), Sergei Zigangirov, First Deputy General Director of the SEZ "Titanium Valley", Andrei Antipov and the director of work with residents SEZ "Titanium valley" Galina Demeneva.
  • 29 March 2016
    In the SEZ "Titanium Valley" has begun construction of the complex customs and boiler
    In March, on the territory of special economic zone "Titanium Valley" near the southern entrance it has begun construction of two capital construction projects - complex customs and block automated water-heating boiler.